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The name “Sitan Gym” has a rich history of producing top-level Muay Thai fighters since its early beginnings in Europe. The same is true for the Sitan Gym Arizona training facility. Thiago Azeredo, owner of Sitan Gym Arizona, has been a martial artist from the age of 6 and has been training Muay Thai for over 17 years. We are proud to know have a Judo program available to our members.

Chandler MMA

Self defense tools are most powerful when build on Integrity, Discipline, Self Esteem, and Respect. These are just a few of the attributes all of our student take with them at the end of each class.

At Chandler’s MMA, our goal is to help develop strong life skills that will positively effect all areas of life; at work, school, friendships and more!



About Freestyle


“Freestyle” has no style. Innovation and evolution emerge when any martial art is pitted against another and forced to adapt to its disadvantages against another form. That is the essence of true freestyle judo.

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